About Radhika

Radhikas Tea Story…

Radhikas Fine Teas is a premium signature tea brand that has been tantalising many a palate in urban Indian households.

From being Mumbai’s first tea boutique in 2006, Radhikas Fine Teas has come a long. It has grown into a home-delivery module, a collaborator for gourmet stores, art shows, theatre events, The Derby and hotels, spreading the goodness of this universal brew all along.

Tea lovers in general follow her interesting tea trails across the world and love to buy her handpicked teas online as well as read her travelogues.

Radhika is well travelled. She has been on and continues to go on tea trails across India, China and the Middle East to experience various tea cultures. Her best flavours of teas, showcased on the website, are sourced on such exotic journeys. The splendid tea ceremonies that she hosts, to spread the charms of tea, are occasions not to be missed.

A marketing professional to an Entrepreneur to a mom, her tea story is a fine blend of her home and hearth. Let’s just say that if you want to make a special day of an ordinary one you need to sip on some fine teas recommended by Radhika.

“Each tea leaf has a purpose. Some are mood lifters, others help you relax, whilst some work as aphrodisiacs. You just need to know what to select for any particular day.” – Radhika, Founder of Radhikas Fine Teas and Whatnots.