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Darjeeling Green Leaf Tea


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Darjeeling Green Leaf Tea

Feelings :
  • Refreshing
  • Happy
  • Energizing
Antioxidant level :
Caffeine level :
Time of the day:
  • Mid-Morning
Origin : India

Darjeeling Green Leaf Tea

Unique, earthy, that is Darjeeling the Champagne of teas for you. Harvested in early spring in the "Organic" tea estate of Sivitar in Darjeeling - the choicest of leaves and buds are plucked to give you the finest of superior First Flush Green Leaf
Just when the mid-morning blues take over your senses, summon this light-bodied Wholel-leaf to uplift you with its pronounced flowery fragrance and lively freshness. Known to act as a stimulant, this tea is full of antioxidants that revs up your metabolism.
Radhikas Tea Tip
VanitTea: Use the wet leaf at the end of the day, bundled into a muslin cloth, freeze for a few hours and use the same to dab your dark circles and fatigued eyes away

How To Brew

How To Brew
  • Water is Tea’s best friend

  • Boil a cup of fresh water off the tap, double incase of a kettle

  • Bring it to a roaring boil but do not over boil it

  • Let the water cool for a minute as pouring boiled water will damage the benefits of this Organic fresh leaf

  • Add a *pinch of whole-Leaf Darjeeling Green to your tea cup, double incase of a kettle

  • Pour the water into the cup or kettle and let it steep for 2-3 minutes

  • Strain and serve

  • Being plantation fresh, you can re-brew them atleast thrice also depending on your palate some like it strong some light in that case adjust more leaf or water accordingly to the already existing leaf

  • Alternatively, you can serve it as a chilled infusion by cooling it for 2-3 hours and adding a dash of honey and cinnamon

*At RadhikasFineTeas we believe a recipe for tea simply spoils it, instead a pinch of your favorite leaf is what you need to explore the nuances and notes of tea as it unfurls and expands, adjusting with more or less leaf or more or less water.
So a pinch is thus taking for measurements sake a TABLESPOON of the leaf or 2 grams for 8 ounces of water.

Things you will need

food accompaniments

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