We offer the perfect gift for tea lovers. Radhikas Fine Teas and Whatnots customise Teas and Whatnots-Hampers for your loved ones. Be it for a festival or a birthday, we are a call away.

Choose your favourite teas or go by our expert recommendation.
Rest assured your gift will be loved and cherished.

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Attractive teaware to make drinking tea an enjoyable experience

Porcelian Tea Set

Porcelain Tea Set

An exquisite tea set of Gaiwans with kettle.

Yixing Tea Set

Yixing Tea Set

From China's pottery capital, an earthen tea set that enhances the flavour of tea.

Ethnic Porcelain Set

Ethnic Porcelain Set

An ethnic porcelain tea set adorned with a handcrafted dragon that lights up with warm tea.

Tea Ceremony Set

Tea ceremony Set

The accoutrements like Gaiwan, dumpling cups, hand strainer and ladle holder, a complete tea ceremony set.

Porcelian Tea Ceremony Set

Porcelian Tea ceremony Set

A beautiful gift showcased in a Chinese Silk box.

Teaware    Corporate Gifting    Teas