New ArrivalsNew arrivals every season

New arrivals every season introduced by Radhikas Fine Teas are a reason to celebrate the goodness of teas, tisanes and infusions. From spring-summer infusions, to monsoon flushes, to autumn-winter full-bodied teas, a treasure chest of well-being.

Blue Butterfly Pea Tea

A Thai favorite known for its anti-oxidant, anti-greying properties this vine flower is used in teas and as a food coloring agent.

Get your pick of fresh Blue Pea tea and enjoy its benefits.


Smooth, mellow, earthy this tea is dome shaped like a birds nest, compressed or bricked, it is a connoisseurs delight. From Yunnan mountains, China

Lavender Flower

An aromatic tea, known for its calmative properties as well as delicious to taste, a must have for hot summers and breezy winters

Oolong Jade

Oolong Formosa sourced from the mountain fresh Laoshan Hills in China, the Champagne of oriental teas with warm roasty notes

Jasmine Pearl

Watch these beauties unfurl into wondrous leaves, each pearl is an artisan tea, perfected in piece with superior Lasohan Green Tea stitched with Jasmine Blossom to give you the Jasmine Pearl Tea

Mulberry Green

A tea which has more calcium and iron than milk and spinach, known in the Orient to cure all ailments

Jazmine Buds

Jazmine Buds

Beautiful buds sewed to perfection, savour its taste as you enjoy the sight of these beauties blooming into lovely blossoms.



Fine Tisane of Chrysanthemum Summery Fresh, is surely a post luncheon treat.



A Middle Eastern delight of flowers from Rose to Hibiscus, a delicious infusion that calms the mind.

Darjelling Handrolled Organic

Darjeeling Hand-rolled Organic

Hand-rolled to perfection, this evening tea with its subtle notes, takes to milk or can be infused with a lemon ring and stubbed with cloves to give you that zest.

Rose Black Blend

Rose Black Blend

Pure Rose blended in Black Tea, a strong brew with fragrant rose petals to awaken your senses.

How to brew tea the right way

1. Boil fresh water in a vessel on the gas, kettle or microwave.

2. Put a teaspoonful of tea leaves in your cup.

3. Pour hot water, add fresh herbs or chai spices like cinnamon, cardamom, cloves and steep/brew for 3 minutes.

4. Now strain and sip gently to savour the clean, fresh flavours.