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Healing Chai's of India - A cuppa of well being for you, Makes 100 Cups

Healing Chai's of India - A cuppa of well being for you, Makes 100 Cups

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From the moment you wake up to your bedtime, Radhikas Fine Teas has a tea that awakens and calms you. Our Healing Series of tranquil teas are an organic blend of Assam CTC chai and organic herbs & spices, curated to relax and rejuvenate.

Welcoming wellness in every sip, these blends are the perfect balance of calm and serenity - ideal for the mind, body and soul. At Radhikas Fine Teas, each tea has a purpose, resonated in the following 5 flavors:

1. REJUVENATING English Breakfast Chai
3. RELAXING Vanilla Chai
4. ZESTFUL Ginger Chai
5. DETOX Turmeric Tulsi Liquorice Chai

5 flavors with value deals - a perfect gift set of Organic CTC Chai for your friends and family, full of antioxidants.

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"Let's make tea brewing and tea drinking, a ritual that infuses peace and calm in your everyday life".


(1) Stimulates Mind
(2) Doesn't play with sugar spikes, instead a balanced rejuvenation
(3) 80% lesser caffeine than coffee

Country of Origin


Time of the Day

All Day, Evening


(1) REJUVENATING English Breakfast Chai (50 Gms)
(2) INVIGORATING Masala Chai (50 Gms)
(3) RELAXING Vanilla Chai (50 Gms)
(4) ZESTFUL Ginger Chai (50 Gms)
(5) DETOX Turmeric Tulsi Liquorice Chai (50 Gms)

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