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Let’s get you tea, to match your personality.
Our beautiful leaves tell your story and touch your vibe.
Each star sign and it’s discovery of you via our leaves

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Get Your Finest Tea and Teaware

Discover the Magic of our tealitful collection while you shop our organic teas, exquisite teaware, and custom tea gifts.
Whether you need a moment of calm, a boost of energy, or a special treat, we have the perfect tea for you.

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Tea Experiences & Masterclasses

A selection of tea leaves, a little patience, and right timing is all you need to make that perfect brew. But if you truly want to discover the "Art of Tea", Radhikas Tea Ceremony is the place to be.

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Varied Gifting FestiviTeas

Your gift boutique for tailor made, pre curated and exquisite gifts & hampers for your loved ones. Made with love.

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Our Tealiteful Journey...

  • Our Tea Sommelier

    Radhikas Fine Teas is the brainchild of Radhika Batra Shah, who has curated this exclusive brand from scratch.

    She is amongst India's first tea sommelier and tea stylist.

    Tea Lovers follow her charming tea innovations and interesting tea trails across the world.

    Let's just say that if you want to make a special day out of an ordinary one, you need to infuse some fine teas personally selected by Radhika.

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  • Our Tea Gardens

    And just like Life, your cuppa of tea also depends upon what kind of leaves you pick to make a fine brew.

    At Radhikas Fine Teas, 'Organic' is not a fad, but a biodynamic process wherein each leaf is free from fertilizers, pesticides, preservatives or any synthetic chemical for that matter.

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Handcrafted Teaware

Tea brewing is a slow ritual that is meant to heal the senses and that's what we aim for you.
We present our exquisite, handcrafted collection.

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HORECA Services

We are here for your tea needs always, be it bulk packs or customisations for Hotels, institutions, Restaurants, etc

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We don’t hire PR or believe in paid press.
We are written by the best for our love and care of the leaf.

Always in the News

Our tea fans throw light on their love for our artisan brand, their experiences and feedback make us shine

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How to TEA it right

We give you all solutions to make tea a beauteaful ritual. Be it brewing or storage or Culinary tips and more..

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