• Mike Mastroyiannis

    COO Energybox & Managing Partner TenX2, Hong Kong


    Radhikas Fine Teas are pure, organic, unique selection and the result of the hard work of the passionate founder of the business.

    2 Years ago, after I experienced the fine quality and the variety of the tea selection,

    I decided to offer 2 boxes to each of my partners worldwide (Europe and APAC).

    All of my partners were very complimentary with the quality and the enjoyment they experienced.

    I would recommend the tea selection to anyone that wants top quality teas.

  • Capt. Batra & Manju Batra

    Parents of Radhika,
    Dad Shipping Entrepreneur,
    Mom Valuable Homemaker


    Radhikas Fine Teas is the love and labour of our daughter “Radhika”
    She curated this brand from scratch, thanks to her innovative and creative spark.
    We are a punjabi family standing testimony to our journey post-partition and Radhikas zest to give up a thriving corporate career for the love of tea, is a reflection of that gumption of struggle, hardwork and not deterring from “giving up”. Mark of a true entrepreneur! Our family’s day begins and ends with chai that is infused with tender moments of togetherness and even moments of pain that got us together. We are sure that her teas promise of that organic, pure love will touch your soul one cup a time.

  • Himanshu Chakrawarti

    Retail and Fashion Industry veteran with a keen interest in everything digital, now building Snapdeal 2.0 as India’s finest online value lifestyle destination (as its CEO)


    I have known Radhika for over two decades now. From a successful fashion marketing professional background to the creation of Radhikas Fine Teas, it’s a remarkable story of immense passion and unbelievable hard work.
    It’s so wonderful to see the amazing contribution that Radhika has made to the tea industry in India.
    Radhika is the leading tea sommelier in India and has created amongst the finest boutique brands in India - Radhikas Fine Teas.
    Tea cheers to the next cuppa ☕️ of Radhikas Fine Teas.

  • Phoebe Lawson

    Confidence & Lifestyle Management Coach for Celebrities and High Profile Entrepreneurs


    I made the decision years ago to only drink good quality, organic, loose leaf tea. I was thrilled to find Radhika, and even more delighted when my first of many parcels arrived.

    In that package was her digestive chai, which is honestly one of the most delicious teas I have ever tasted! (It’s amazing during rainy season!)

     What I love about tea from Radhika is that I know each blend has been formulated with so much passion, love, kindness and intent, these are the sorts of businesses I love to support.

    Her matcha powder is also the best matcha I have ever had.

    Her teas are of an exceptionally supreme quality, and there are so many different blends to choose from.

    Whatever your requirements Radhika will have a tea for you, be it for increased energy, anti-aging, a sleep aid, digestive health or simply something sweet and delicious.

    Thank you Radhika for years of amazing service and phenomenal, delicious teas.

    Your passion for tea and your business is inspiring and infectious and it’s my absolute pleasure, or dare I say a tealightful experience, to be drinking your teas and to have found you online! I wish you everything of the best! Tea cheers to Her Royal Highness, Tea Queen Radhika.

  • Hrishikesh Kannan aka Hrishi K

    A Multiple award winning Radio Host, Podcaster, Voice artiste & MC. The no.1 radio presenter of our country, producer & presenter on the Nations Biggest Breakfast show on 94.3 Radio One


    When there were no tea sommeliers there was Radhika! To her goes the credit of growing the entire category. Radhikas Fine Teas today is a globally recognised brand & Radhikas curation of blends & helming of tea ceremonies are both fine arts.

    I wish the brand & her even more success. Onward & upward!

  • Raëll Padamsee

    MD & CEO ACE Productions Pvt Ltd. Managing Trustee,
    The Create Foundation


    If you're looking for a luxury tea experience that's both hearty and healthy, Radhikas Fine Teas should definitely be on your radar. The aroma is tantalizing, and the loose leaves are of the highest quality in addition to being grown organically. It is one of my all-time favourites and 'go to blends' because of their quality and the attention to detail in curating blends that aid in stress relief, detoxification, gut health, hormonal balance and the premium quality of the ingredients make these teas a true delight to enjoy.

  •  Akhil Chaturvedi

    Founder - Prozone, Provogue
    Mentor - RebelCORP


    Radhikas Fine Teas offer an unparalleled variety of high-quality flavors. They have a wide variety of the same and cater to all tastes. Their teas are expertly crafted and made from the finest quality ingredients, ensuring a truly exceptional tea drinking experience. Their Kashmiri Kahwa is warm and comforting, Himalayan Green Tea is light and refreshing and the Masala Chai is bold and spicy.

    One of my favorites is the Kashmiri Kahwa, It has a warm, comforting flavor that is perfect for cold winter mornings. The tea is blended with spices like cardamom, cinnamon and saffron, giving it a rich, aromatic flavor that is simply irresistible.

  • Brinda Miller

    A Fine Artist,
    Festival Director KGAF & Chairperson,
    Kala Ghoda Association


    Radhika has a real passion for her subject - TEA. It makes her one of the finest tea sommeliers there is. She has been one of the first Masters on the subject!!
    And I love my tea..

  • Dr. Annurag Batra

    Serial Entrepreneur, Media Mogul,
    TV Show Host, Author, Founder exchange4media,
    Chairman Businessworld


    Radhikas Fine Teas are a result of Radhikas passion and are pure, organic and truly unique as Radhika is Indias finest Tea Sommelier. I have had the good fortune of personally drinking and savouring Radhika teas and the taste, the aroma, the experience, the flavours and blends are unique and not matched by any other tea in India. Even the website where you can order tea is geared to one's tastes as a tea aficionado and one can personalise the blends. Radhikas Teas is India's gift to the world. Go try Radhikas fine tea and have a sip of a lifetime."

  • Parineeta Sethi

    Publisher GlobalSpa India, GlobalSpa Middle East & PEAKLIFE


    When it comes to tea, no one does it better than Radhika Batra Shah. Whether you are looking for a perfect cup of tea or are looking to host an interactive tea ceremony for your guests, Radhikas Fine Teas is the one stop shop for all your tea needs! As a Tea aficionado, I am amazed at the variety of tea leaves that she offers from plantations across the world. My personal favourite is the "White Silver Needle Leaf" and I love to start my day with a cup or two of it.

  • Deepak Dhar

    Founder & CEO Banijay Asia


    I was never a fan of green tea. But after trying out a few green teas available at Radhikas Fine Tea, I am hooked on to green tea for life. I would definitely recommend this brand to all the green tea lovers. With a wide range of flavours to choose from every tea lover is sure to find something they love.

  • Rachel Lopez

    Host of the Wordy Wordpecker Podcast on IVM


    I love a good high-mountain oolong tea. It soothes my soul in a way that other teas do not. And I'm not surprised that my favourite oolong blend is the Shanghai-style leaf that Radhika stocks. It's held up its high quality consistently. And I know as I'm preparing a pot that it will deliver exactly what it promises. Tea menus in India tend to have the usual disappointing options. With Radhika's Fine Teas and Whatnots, you're one step above them all.

  • Sunil Lulla

    Founder and Chief Evangelist,

    The Linus Adventures


    Radhikas Fine Teas, is an artfully curated idea of supreme teas accompanied with enchanting conversation. Served personally or gifted it provides for tasteful stimulation‎. Differentiated from most offerings in the Indian market place, it's an indulgence which becomes a habit. Radhika adds a great personal touch with her recommendations.

  • Manasi Joshi Roy

    Actor / Blogger / Traveller


    Radhikas Fine Teas & Whatnots as they call themselves are your one stop place for all things Tea ! Be it the best varieties of tea, tea accessories or even specially conducted tea ceremonies. I'm a tea lover & I love having access to all of this thanks to the charming Radhika Batra.

  • Nityam Khosla

    Co-founder & director of Teamglobal,

    Alumni of Havard Business School,

    Director of ICTPL - International Cargo Terminal Pvt. Ltd


    For a Tea Lover, Radhikas Fine Teas are simply exquisite. I have never tasted Tea like this before. Each sip is like a luxurious journey to a new world of flavors and aromas. The flavors are so unique and complex which shows a lot of care and attention going into crafting of each blend.  

    Radhikas Fine Teas is a true work of art and the way she has blended different flavor and aromas together is nothing short of masterful. Her Tea is so refined & elegant which is a perfect accompaniment to any special occasion or moment of relaxation.

    I also loved the attention to detail in her packaging and presentation which adds to overall different experience in the Tea Journey. A true epitome of sophistication and class.

  • Gauri & Hiten Tejwani

    Gauri, Actor, Co-founder
    Fashion Pop Up,
    Hiten, Actor & Tea lover


    Radhika opened the world of teas to Hiten and me.. we were always tea lovers but had no idea about the types and benefits of different teas... thank you Radhika for enlightening us making us, aware of every minute detail and importance of different teas... it was only green tea for us before we met Radhika now we know there are other types of tea which are even more beneficial than green tea, her knowledge about teas amazes us and the variety of teas she has confuses us because we don't know what to pick up. everything is so good!

  • Vickramsingh Bawa

    Award Winning, Fashion, Landscape & Advertising Photographer


    Radhika is very passionate about Tea. Her knowledge of the different types of Teas and their benefits is unsurpassed.

    A true connoisseur and the person to go to in the country on anything TEA. Wishing her all the best in her endeavours.

  • Pallavee & Rajneesh Duggall

    Pallavee, Co-Founder, Fashion Pop up, Rajneesh, Tea lover & Actor


    Nothing is more refreshing then a cup of Radhikas Fine Teas while working and planning our next line up my favourite are Jasmine Flowers perfect taste and calming notes. Rajneesh and I love to have our quiet moments sipping away "Silver Needle White leaf "with the lovely Lanka cinnamon pod from Radhikas signature collection each evening.

  • Saurabh Chavda

    Proprietor – Palkan Enterprise


    Your success does not surprise me. In fact I am also sure that there is something better brewing and cannot wait to hear about it. Your brand is nothing but you. Your honesty, dedication, elegance, detailing and taste is all displayed in through your product and it's packaging. People celebrate their height of success with wine / alcohol to get a high, I celebrate the high with Radhika's Fine Tea to get fresh to achieve a new high!!


  • Charu Gulati

    Creative Marketer


    Radhika is a true connoisseur and a friend. Her knowledge and passion for TEA is unbeatable. I am a TEAFAN and start - end my day with one. Nothing compares to a cup of Chamomile from Radhikas Fine Teas, at the end of the day !!!

  • Anil Nair

    Founder ASN Growth Consulting,
    Co-Founder Goodwind Moto Tours,
    Co-Founder The Pretty Geeky


    There are teas and then there are teas. But the one Radhika curates for you is the tea you must have. I haven’t met a more dedicated tea sommelier who elevates the humble tea to a divine experience. Just surrender to her immense and in-depth knowledge and you are in for an experience of a lifetime.

  • Nisha Pikhle

    Brand Head, European Brand
    Vero Moda & a proud mother of an 18 year old


    For me Tea is a vibe especially the ones that Radhika has so ‘tastefully’ curated with one better than the other. Spoilt with choice after choice, she offers from my first sip in the morning to the one post dinner. What makes this so special is her passion for this.

  • Jamshed K Daboo

    Strategic Advisor Merger Domo,
    Independent Advisor,
    Partner TenX2,


    I am really delighted to have discovered Radhikas Fine Teas. A new world has opened up with a curated choice of carefully designed organic teas for every mood and occasion. A what a lovely gift they make; great selection tastefully packed !

  • Ekta Saran

    A retail professional, a mom, a travel enthusiast & a tea lover


    I love Radhika and her passion for tea, it is beautiful to see how she infuses the same passion and love into her Fine Teas. She is a true-tea sommelier.

    I have been using Radhikas Fine Teas for years now and I love it that she has a wide range of blends from detox to relax. With Radhikas Fine Teas you are assured a tealiteful cup of wellness.

  • Atul Kasbekar

    Photographer, Producer


    I love sipping a calming leaf cuppa of Chamomile. Post a long day especially after dinner I look forward to Radhikas carefully curated Tisanes. This beautea, a pure flower Infusion from China is a work of therapeutic art.

  • Isheeta Ganguly

    Performing Artist, Playwright & Screenwriter


    Radhikas Tea ☕ is the way I start my mornings. The light flavors awake my senses and help me get focused for my day and plan my to-dos.

    I find other tea blends often too strong or overly fragrant, Radhikas Tea hits the spot for me with each and every offering.

  • Rohit Roy

    Actor / Director


    RFT are a charming blend of love and care where Radhika has crafted each flavour with a unique recipe with the perfect notes.

    My fav leaf being Darjeeling WHOLELEAF Rose leaf Green Tea.

  • Amy Billimoria

    Renowned Designer


    Radhika and her tea complement each other perfectly... a true blend of style and flavour to suit each palette... I love her zest , zeal and passion towards her work that totally reflects in each and every little aspect of her Label.. wishing you all the success.

  • Prof. Dr. Uday Salunkhe

    Director, WeSchool


    "I wonder how - Tea. A three- letter, petite word could contain so colossal a world inside... So much established is the wonder cup in our lives; who can deny the tradition of heads and hearts meeting over cups of tea.  Radhikas Fine Teas is just that perfect leaf well curated well thought of and well presented. The right brew the right mix and the timing and then wafts the aroma spelling the needed magic on the soul. Yes, it is the much celebrated and the always awaited cup of Chai by India's best and favourite tea sommelier Radhika.

    She is a powerhouse of energy always enthused to create her tea stories such that every customer has a splendid experience from sipping the leaf to the matching teaware to the great tea ceremonies all done it perfectly by Radhikas Fine Teas & Whatnots.

  • Lina Tipnis

    Known for her bespoke clothing and Pret line : LINARIKA

    She is the only Indian designer to have designed for Queen Rania of Jordon


    To me, Tea is an experience to uplift my mood. There is no one better than Radhika who understands this and creates a luxurious sensory experience that energises elevates and at the same time preserves the simplicity, which is the very essence of a great Chai!

    Radhika could very well be a Tea Couturier!

  • Mohit Khattar

    CEO Graviss Foods Pvt Ltd
    (Baskin-Robbins Icecream)


    There's nothing better than a cup of tea to refresh, re-invigorate, calm or cleanse you and who better than our friendly tea sommelier Radhika to help one pick the right blends that is just perfect for you. Her width of knowledge has translated so beautifully in her wide repertoire of teas. Incredible.

  • Jyoti Thakur

    Former Vice Principal & Currently Executive Coordinator, Managing Board Jai Hind College, Mumbai.


    Brewing & Consuming fine teas & bonding over customised tea ceremonies has gained tremendous popularity in our health conscious society.

    Radhikas Fine Teas the brainchild of Entrepreneur Radhika Shah has been a pioneer in this field & has become a household name. The Teas have become a force to reckon with due to the Creatively monitored Quality, Variety & Visibility. Tasting each tea & understanding the intricacies of a tea ceremony has been a magical experience. Kudos to the Vision & Execution skills of this young entrepreneur. Wish you success in all your future endeavours & look forward to many more enriching tasting experiences.

  • Dr Prasanna Kakunje

    Ayurvedic Physician & Spa Consultant


    Tea is not just a drink. It's a symbol of culture and hospitality. Tea can be healthy too if consumed in the right time and amount. Radhika has surprised me by showing her passion in the study and recommendation of hundreds of varieties in it! I had never thought that just the tea can be a matter of such vastness, may it be its study or business. Hats off Radhika! All the very best and wish you every success.

  • Sangeeta Navalkar

    Senior Educational Consultant 


    For a refreshing start to the day ... Radhikas Fine Teas ! It rejuvenates and keeps me going all day ! The exotic flavors and aromas bursting with health and joy invigorates mind, body and soul !

  • Piyush Sharma

    Vice President - Centre for Leadership & Organisational Development @ IIM Ahmedabad


    I begin my days at office with Radhikas Fine Teas - It restores me and prepares me for any challenges that the day may pose. Magical, rejuvenating, invigorating. The saga continues with different flavours through the day…. There is always time for tea and tea for ’time of the day'!

  • Shalni Sharma

    Founding Editor Hi Blitz


    Radhikas Fine Teas is a pioneer in introducing the world to the luxury of gorgeous teas. She has helped revive a very important and legendary Indian tradition with her sustained and passionate efforts; constantly stretching the languorous experience of drinking tea with its attendant health benefits. A walking encyclopaedia on the subject I confess the best tea I have had has come from her table.

  • Sandyman

    Guru Soundz Chairman,
    UK World musician & TV Host


    Radhikas tea is just best in the world, as the ingredients and flavours are just magnificent. Made with a lot of thought each leaf by her has a benefit. My UK vocalist friends love Radhikas tea as its soothing to their vocal chords and just makes singing easier, during long hours of rehearsal!! United Kingdom loves Radhikas Fine Teas.

  • Malini

    Author, Painter & Photographer, Europe


    I am an author and nothing wakes me up better than a hot cup of finely brewed tea. So when I heard of Radhikas Teas I just had to try the various flavours and what a vast selection of flavours I was treated to a tea for every occasion and what's more she even helps you understand food pairing goes with your brew. Ever since I have been a connoisseur of her fine teas and recommend them to one and all.

  • Chef Paul Kinny

    Culinary Director - The St. Regis, Mumbai


    It’s always a pleasure to work with Radhika for many reasons. Apart from being a real fun person who is full of life, and sourcing some wonderful teas from across the world she is also one of the few tea sommeliers who understands how to pair the teas with food. I have fond memories of co-conducting so many Culinary and tea workshops with her over the years, where we showcased some super creative stuff. Thank you, Radhika, for bringing out the best in me during the workshop.

  • Maloo Natarajan

    Banker, Investor, Independent
    Director, Ex. Chairperson FICCI FLO Mumbai


    I did not understand the meaning of ‘there is a great deal of poetry and fine sentiment in a cup of tea' till I tasted Radhikas Fine Teas!

    Radhika is a passionate entrepreneur and a role model to many!

  • Parvez Damania

    Aviation Expert, Serial Entrepreneur & Art Collector


    Radhika is a fresh breath of culture and liveliness to tea in India. I was introduced to her by my dear friend and her husband Girish in 2006 wherein she was curating a Tea Appreciation programme for our aviation event. She passionately takes a leaf and turns it into an art piece. Timeless craftsmanship of each tea type and it’s benefits. Add to that the splendid teaware and gifting options. Our companies “go to” tea brand for tea ceremonies and gifting needs definitely.

  • Jyoti Karmakar

    A retired Marketing & Advertising Professional


    You are awesome....
    Thanks to you I respect the tea that I consume.... Masala Chai, White, Saffron, Green, Ginger..
    and savour it...

    Tea Lifts my Spirit with your super cool reels that are so endearing and watchable in all your tealitful humility 💗💗

    Loads of love and success

  • Rahul Gomes

    Founder, MD, Oaks Mgt Consultancy Pvt Ltd, India,
    Marquee Tourism and Events, Ras Al Khaimah, UAE

    Radhikas tea is the best I have had till date. This is fabulous for people like me who even though are not regular tea lovers cos it is so well curated and tantalises your taste buds at every sip.

  • RJ Sangeeta Sivaram

    Host - Radio, TV, YouTube


    Radhikas Teas is a homegrown brand, that aims at bringing varieties of tea to your house.. She knows what goes best with what, and I myself have learnt some benefits of teas which I was absolutely unaware of.. what’s great is the knowledge and passion about teas that shows in the products..

    Thank you for being so good :)

  • Vikesh Wallia

    Managing Director & Editor Board Stewardship Inc. Author & On multiple non-profit boards.


    Tea is the most consumed drink in India, so our search for various options and creative combinations for Fine Teas end with Radhikas Fine Teas only ! Keep it up Radhika Batra !

    No one delivers Fine Tea more  creatively than you !

    Cheers !

  • Nishreen and Anil Hinduja

    Co-founders of Hinar Corporation, exporters of handcrafted &
    premium quality, scarves Worldwide


    Radhikas Fine Teas is a fantastic brand that offers a wide variety of high-quality teas that are sure to delight any tea lover's palate.

    The company's commitment to sourcing the best ingredients, using sustainable practices, and providing excellent customer service sets them apart from other tea brands.

    One of the things that make Radhikas Fine Teas stand out is their attention to detail when it comes to flavor and aroma. Their teas are crafted with care and expertise, resulting in a rich and nuanced taste that is sure to satisfy even the most discerning tea connoisseur.

    Whether you prefer black tea, green tea, herbal tea, or something in between, Radhika's Fine Teas has something to offer.

    Another great thing about Radhikas Fine Teas is their commitment to sustainability. They use eco-friendly packaging and source their tea leaves from sustainable and ethical sources, so you can feel good about
    your purchase.

    Overall, if you're looking for a brand that offers high-quality teas with fantastic flavor and aroma, as well as a commitment to sustainability, then Radhika's Fine Teas is the perfect choice. I highly recommend this brand to everybody.

  • Harpal Singh

    GM - Property and Franchise - Easybuy (Part of Landmark group)


    An avid tea lover.
    Meetings over tea is the bestie. Mas-tea over Radhikas tea is real masti. Came across this bubbly sommelier at work place... realised that she has found her passion in life... have made so many friends with her unique combinations of TEA GIFT SETS... So
    be it Diwali or Holi it's.. It's teeing at golf course or refreshment Radhika tea are the best companion.

  • Saryu Mehla

    House of Omnific
    A strategy designing company focused towards giving diversified content solutions.


    Radhikas Tea is one of the most premium teas for the Indian and international tea lovers.

    It’s not just about various tea flavours and their positive effects. Rather it’s the knowledge of Radhika and her enthusiasm as a tea connoisseur to make everyone aware of different kinds of tea.

  • Niranjan Thakur

    Director. Jorini Hospitality Pvt Ltd


    The new age health drink Green Tea or Flavoured Tea has made its mark in India. Thanks to Radhikas Fine Tea promoter Radhika that we have been more and more exposed to various varieties of Teas at her Elegant Tea Ceremonies which are most sought after by the upper crust society. Truly a Pioneer in pushing the kettle to propagate Tea drinking in the right way and it's health benefits. Congratulations Radhika and wish you all the best.

  • Phatu Nihalani

    Builder & Tea Lover


    Great experience with Radhikas fine teas.  Love the refined flavors. It makes a perfect start to our day!

  • Arjun Chaudhary

    Wolf of Bar Street, Restaurant Connoisseur, Bar Mixologist, Chef, Entrepreneur


    Radhika Batra & her Love for Teas is a perfect combination of limitless creations. In simple words when passion meets dedication & purpose, there are no limit to what can be created & this is what I have felt every time when I meet her. When it comes to Teas, no one knows the
    nature of these mystical Leaves better then Radhika.

    I remember when I first met her in one of the Tea sessions, looking at her talking about the teas was like as if she was
    describing the personality of a living being - that's the bond she has with these magical herbs.

    A true artist I must say - just like how a true singer gets lost in their music, an artist gets lost in their painting then only their creations touches the souls .... That's what Radhikas Teas
    does to humans as I have clearly seen her getting lost in her world of Teas.. It's simply beautiful.

    True fan of humans like You Radhika ....

  • Vineet Sood

    MD Centex Fabrics Export Unit, Ludhiana


    Each and every flavour of Radhika Tea is one better than the other – really out of the world. I drink Radhikas White Leaf from Darjeeling. We have gifted Radhika Tea to many of our customers, who visited us and each and every of one of them have always appreciated the highest quality of Radhika's Fine tea.

  • Sonal Divekar

    Ex-Marketing Manager Nature Trails Resorts


    Tea is and has been my only redemption! A fight with a friend, a stressful exam, a difficult decision and such of life have always led me to make and savour my own cup of calm! Who knew this cuppa could be made so sexy & desirable! Radhikas Fine Teas are this and more! Picked up some beautiful packs of my favourite Tea & Tisane and haven't shopped for any other Tea since!

  • Puneet Sareen

    Proprietor Trader - Genuine Stock Brokers Pvt Ltd


    My mornings are incomplete without a cup of Magic from Radhikas Fine Teas, really look forward to my morning ritual of Lemon Grass Chai / Silver Needle White tea, the aroma the sweetness and taste just elevates my mornings to a whole new level... Thank you Radhika for the
    wonderful tealicious experience... once tried fan forever - love it.

  • Himanshu Shekhar

    Strategy & Commercial Director – SE Asia at Whirlpool


    Radhikas Fine Teas is a stunning culmination of a woman who always was meant for bigger things

    Her zest to achieve and to keep moving towards her goals is inspiring

    Such a proud moment to see her creating a significant difference in a category which was simply the most common commodity Tea

    Her grace and charm are a personal touch that make it a beverage to love

    This is one of the finest teas of our country that should now see doors opening abroad too.

  • Naomi Fernandes

    Owner of Occasions by Naomi, wedding & event
    planner and decorator in Mumbai

    Associate with Tropicana Vacations, Indian &
    International Tour company in Mumbai


    A tea sommelier! ... in ‘amchi Mumbai’. I discovered this charming lively lady, brimming with knowledge about all things TEA, as she conducted the food pairing event at one of Godrej Natures Basket stores, that I had just finished decorating for the event.

    I was intrigued that one cuppa
    could involve such sweetness, with the ceremony and the exquisite
    tea-ware…cuteness personified!

    I’m a total TEALITEFUL fan and enjoy not only the refreshing tea but also the social media posts, kudos to Shloka for her creativity. The website is delightfully unique in color and style.

    Way to go Radhika Fine Teas. Tea-cheers to you.

  • Bal Palekar

    Expert Marketer, Consultant & Tea Lover


    Radhikas Fine Teas is a brand that is loved by our family. We love their chais especially, inaddition to the line up of 50+ teas and herbal brews.

    It is tea company that has a sensitive soul thanks to its woman founder. It makes a difference to the taste buds as she comprehends all the notes so fabulously.

    The Turmeric Tulsi Mulathee blend is a “go to” all year, we cold brew as well as warm brew in Bombays winter.

    Thanks to this artisan style of sourcing from the origin with their contacts rooted with the growers, we are guaranteed of a good cup each day.