Tea Experiences & Masterclasses

Welcome to our FINE TEA BAR

The morning rush. The race to punch in on time. The over strectched board meeting. The stress of monthly targets. The pressure of a looming deadline. Boss rejecting the plan. The balancing of work and home, school children. The mid-afternoon droopniess. The lazy ticking of the clock. The wait for this day to end. Here's one thing that can make all of this better.

Imagine a space that creates a fine tea ritual for you, almost everyday, telling you what tea will pick you up when you need it the most, or what tea will soothe your frayed nerves. You can invite us over, where we can create our customized Tea Bar and together transform your space.

Welcome to our HIGH TEA SERVICE

A High Tea Service is one of the most unique offerings available in India. If you are wondering whether it's the same as the official tea-time of the English, you are in for a pleasant surprise!

High Tea Service by us is a highly customised event which we can organise as a casual get-together, a formal party, a luncheon treat or an evening service.

All our High Teas are customised to suit your time of the day and your occasion which means all you need to do is talk about your ideas with Radhika and watch her conjure up a delectable experience for your guests.

Welcome to our TEA CEREMONY

A selection of tea leaves, a little patience, and right timing is all you need to make that perfect brew. But if you truly want to discover the "Art of tea", Radhikas Tea Ceremony is the place to be.

"There is a great deal of poetry and fine sentiment in a chest of tea"

Our Popular Themes:

  • Monsoon Cutting Chais
  • Teas around the World
  • Brite and Early Teas
  • Romantic Tisanes
  • Healing Chais
  • Connoisseur Brews
  • Teas Resonating Feelings
  • Teas for each part of the day