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Cutting Chai Glass Set - The Authentic Way to Enjoy Indian Chai

Cutting Chai Glass Set - The Authentic Way to Enjoy Indian Chai

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Experience the true taste and culture of Indian chai with this cutting chai glass set. This set comes with a stand and 6 coloured glasses that are handcrafted by our artisans in India. They are perfect for serving and sipping chai with your family and friends.

This set is a great way to add some colour and tradition to your tea time. Each glass can hold up to 100 ml of chai, which is the typical amount served in India. The glasses come in 6 different colours, creating a rainbow effect on the stand.

Order your cutting chai glass set today and impress your guests with your chai skills.

Please note: Colors and design may vary depending on availability. This item is non-returnable due to its fragility.

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"Lets make tea brewing and tea drinking, a ritual that infuses peace and calm in your everyday life".

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